My initial impression on why Google sold Motorola to China's Lenovo

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My initial impression on why Google sold Motorola to China's Lenovo

It goes without saying that Google is one of the smartest and fastest growing technology firm in the world, but many Google and Moto loves felt hurt on knowing that Google has handed over the Motorola's mobility segment to China's laptop giant firm Lenovo on early 2014, in spite of Google-Motorola's success on Moto X or Moto G.
Plus also note, they were among the few companies to make high-quality phones like moto g at an affordable price tag.

So there it is, these are my initial thought on why Google sold Motorola to China's Lenovo? :

For those who don't know Google's previous acquisition deal to buy Motorola;
let me tell you, it is said the tech giant had paid nearly 13 billion US Dollar for all it's patient; later on, 2014 they sold it at just 3 billion US Dollar.
But, then why did Google decides to lose the partnership?

  1. Google is basically a software inclined tech company who started their first successful venture by the search engine.
    Another big step is no undoubtedly, the mobile OS Android(most popular innovation) which has changed the way mobile experience is seen of late.
    So, the companies hardware segment inclusion was an experiment I believe, but later they found it didn't deliver enough return or can see prospects in the future(thanks to the entry level competition mostly done by Chinese comp.)
  2. When Google entered into mobility segment(hardware) via a partnership with Moto, many other mobile brands have been seen shifting from Android to their self-customed OS like LG, Samsung or even Micromax.

    As they were worried whether Google trying to compete or not.
  3. By quitting Motorola, Google can become an independent, neutral provider of world's largest mobile OS, Android.
    That was the primary idea, I believe.

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