Samsung Galaxy J2 - Blogger Reviews and Ratings - Highlighting PROS & CONS

Samsung Galaxy J2 - Blogger Reviews and Ratings - Highlighting PROS & CONS

Last week my friend, Aditi and few readers wanted to know whether it will be wise to purchase a smartphone call Samsung Galaxy J2. 
So, that gave me the reason to publish a hands-on review.
I am glad to accept their request and help them with my suggestion after the review.
It is the device which you may have seen often on a television ad or print media and Jonny boy(as you all know) along with Shahid Kapoor claims that this device saves 50% of data with its Ultra Data Saving Mode.

Let's see what it actually offers!!

To review
Samsung Galaxy J2, I asked for a fully functional device from my friend Amit, who runs a mobile store in my area and I thank him for the support.
The device is priced at Rs. 8,900(MRP) but at your nearest stall it's around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 8,200, you can even check it online for a lucky deal(in between 1st to 6th Oct - 2016) as the festive sales are going on at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShopcluesTata Cliq stores etc. before Diwali.
The Ultra Saving Mode is a new feature introduced by Samsung and it's pretty useful for heavy internet user and Samsung has heavily encased the feature as their selling resource.
But, this can't be the only feature to recommend you whether Samsung Galaxy J2 a good choice for you or not this Diwali.
So, I move on with Highlighting Pros and Cons separately for you...

# The PROS of Samsung Galaxy J2:

*1. At a price cut below Rs. 9,000, Samsung's move to introduce Super AMOLED 4.7 inch display has really surprised me and any consumer would love to know that.
*2. The design of this device is sharp, light weight, elite and the golden body colour is my personal favourite.
*3. It supports OTG devices via its bottom USB port, so if you have an OTG pen drive you can plug it in to watch your favourite movies travelling on the metro - cabs, read pdf notes, or even look for data's on an external drive(supports up to 32 GB pen drive).
*4. It has a 5MP rear camera and front(for selfie) camera of 2MP, it may look less in number on paper but renders a standard image quality (as always expected from Samsung smartphones).
It also supports HD video recording up to 720P and the video quality is good in normal as well as low light conditions.
Although, it may look a bit grainy in very low light situation after dawn especially.

# The CONS of Samsung Galaxy J2:

*1. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was a general power adapter which a non-separating Usb cable, so you can't use the cable to media transfer.
*2. You can't fast charge your device as the adapter you get is a non-power adapter. (Whereas, nowadays every upgraded device is boxed with a power charger).
*3. The earphone that is bundled with Samsung Galaxy J2 is of general grade and so it causes pain at prolonged use as it happens in my case when I travel.
So I suggest you to separately purchase an in earphone(with buds). I prefer Sennheiser in earphone (you get 2 years of guarantee with assured sound quality).
*4. I found their UI very ordinary in comparison to other handsets power by Samsung and it runs on Android OS - Lollipop.
*5. The device has a 1 GB Ram supported which is another reason it lags a bit when multi apps are running background.
*6. It has an internal memory of  8GB which to my opinion is very low, cause your internal apps will eat up half of that from the beginning, isn't it?
But, the good part is you can expand it up to 128 GB via an external flash card/micro SD card(of your choice).
*7. The 2000 mAh battery which is bundled with the device to low in capacity considering the basic usage of a latest Android phone and needless to say you need a good power bank in support if you're are a gamer or an avid internet user on social media.
(I use Lenovo 10,400 mAh power bank for my devices, it also has a two charging points).

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(My opinion on this device along with a rating):

Considering the overall features and it's hand on functionalities and the price tag the device is offered, all I can say is it is good and I rate the smartphone - Samsung Galaxy J2 ,

AbhirupSpeaks Rates:
 3stars out of 5stars.
In comparison to other brands(Lenovo, Xiaomi, Asus, Moto series, Gionee etc.) at a budget tag around Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 10,000 you can find options and expandable features although I doubt whether AMOLED will be offered or not.

Do share your views on this topics I would love to know from you.
You can also send me a request for a Gadget Review like this one...

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Samsung Galaxy J2 - Blogger Reviews and Ratings - Highlighting PROS & CONS Samsung Galaxy J2 - Blogger Reviews and Ratings - Highlighting PROS & CONS Reviewed by Abhirup Lahiri on 00:54:00 Rating: 5

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