Performance Review on Sony Xperia M2 Dual

User Review on Sony Xperia M2 Dual after using it for more than a year:

When you think of buying an electronic gadget especially if it's about your smartphone 'am sure you do a few brand recalling...then follow up with offline queries among friends and a lot of online research to ensure the best buy decision, and when I say online, the last minute glimpse at tech review is a common practice among all young buyers, I believe.
Being an online geek I do keep track on most prominent faces of gadget evaluators and their reviews, but hardly did I find a review which is more than feature oriented review or performance review, because it can't be done on a first day unboxing or a review which is done in less than a month or two which is most common on the internet, and I hope you will agree with me!

More than a Feature Gadget Review - its Performance Review on Sony Xperia M2 Dual
In Pic. -  Anwesha Chakraborty

This is an attempt by me and my friend Anwesha to publish a hand on review on Sony Xperia M2 Dual after using it for more than a year. My readers will find an exclusive performance review which is more than just feature based discussion on the web.

Performance Review on Sony Xperia M2 Dual:



As we all know brand Sony is always know for great sound and so after using the device for over 1.5 years, Anwesha has no issues with sound quality nor did it degrade over the period, but there is, of course, a statutory warning to user as you could fall addicted to music considering the performance. It's really good sound.


Similarly, I was amazed reviewing the battery, although its 1.5 years old, I asked Anwesha to use the phone right from the early morning 5'o clock - starting from listening to mp3 plus radio for about 5 hrs(at least), she continues internet with all day long WhatsApp and Facebook which usually take up more battery life, online streaming video playback(for an hour) was our another attempt to exhaust max life of the battery... in spite of such torture done with the device, she could able to exhaust 70% of battery life at the end of the day. So I see a great battery backup ever after 1.5years of usability, so if you are looking for a good battery phone this is one you can trust.


The phone has a lag-free touch sensitivity, powered by Android Kit Kat(initially when you buy) later you can upgrade to Android lollipop version. I found the look n feel of the device really good, considering the price tag.
It has bear minimum malfunctioning issue or heating complaint, unlike many other smartphones in this segment.



But, in contrast, if I have to judge the camera quality whether it be primary or secondary, both of them are quite disappointing. While at the day you can expect a considerable picture quality but in the low light situation it will certainly upset you alike a VGA camera with lots of grains on the picture and I give a big thumb down for that.
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If you are not a maniac of taking selfies... Without a second thought, Xperia M2 Dual is a great choice... As I don't use phone camera; not selfie maniac...
My first choice is sound quality so I'm very happy with the smartphone.
Anwesha Chakraborty
Guest reviewer

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