The Swiggy Story - the food delivery app.

The Swiggy Story - the food delivery app.

The Swiggy Story - the food delivery app.
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Swiggy, a new name to the e-commerce space. 
It is the brand which has come up with an innovative concept simplifying the home delivery issues which many small and medium scale food shops have, due to lack of staff for instance delivery at home.
Often I have found while interviewing for my documentaries that many small-scale food stalls can't avail so many delivery staff, although they repent not to fulfil the demands of home delivery to many customers. 
They also adds to say this is a new trend, many young generation customers ask to deliver at home for some extra cash, these shop owners think, this new kind of demand is due to lack of time of the present generation or may be present time customers got used to the laziness to come out for an evening order(just for an example), thanking e-delivery concept started by the early players on e-commerce platforms.
So, due to whatever reason this trend is growing every day, so a brand like Swiggy does fill up the void in between demand of new era customers and the trained human resources who tries to meet such need every day.
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Not only that, have you seen the latest ad inside metro by chance? If yes, then you may have guessed about what am I about to say, yes it's about the commitment which Swiggy took in their ads, they say they are committed to delivering fresher and also claims to be the fastest delivery food chain of India.
These are the two qualities which I personally like and I hope they do deliver at same consistently as they appear on banner ads in town.
It will solve the issue on both sides, not only  many lazy foodies would love the service but also it will help to build goodwill and service quality of many small food shops who can't afford to hire many staffs thus help them in scaling if their food items are good in taste.

I wish all the best for the unique proposition of the team as they continue their journey on a good note.
Equally, I also feel the much-needed idea triggered by this brand has made them stand out from the rest in this online business ecosystem in India in today's date.

I have tried to make the long story short as I have put up this unique brand's initiative and the far end need it could solve, if you have any experience related to Swiggy service do leave your experience in the feedback box below.
Oh yes, if you like this post do leave your opinion below and please do share the Story in your circle and spread this initiative for a good reason as I did my part via writing.
Do take care and keep tasting good food till I see you in my next journal.

The Swiggy Story - the food delivery app. The Swiggy Story - the food delivery app. Reviewed by Abhirup Lahiri on 21:43:00 Rating: 5

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