REVIEW On Denzong Kitchen: The one-stop destination for Tibetan food.

REVIEW On Denzong Kitchen: The one-stop destination for Tibetan food.

Imagine you're starving for something to eat and to find a hygienic food in the middle of a street is tough in most cases, isn't it?
In such a situation I always look for the fast-food eatery, a plate full of momos. One of the safest food for your tummy while on the go. Perhaps, this is one the reason why I always love the food apart from the taste it offers.
Talking about the taste of momo, I have tasted many outdoor eatery stalls till date, and while I do that it always add the eagerness to hunt for a better stall that offers better taste than the previous one.
An exclusive Review on Denzong Kitchen by AbhirupsBlog
Review Courtesy to my Team - Sanjeev Lama - Parag Maity - Mou Bhattacharia(camera)

It perhaps took an end as I found one of the better, juicier and yummiest momo I have tasted till date, it's not a far away destination for many I believe, it's located at Bikramgarh, Tollygunge close to the south city mall - 
The Denzong Kitchen, and I would like to call it the one-stop destination for Tibetan Delicacies.
This is one of such rare dumplings outlet in Kolkata where you can order almost all kind of momo variety you can think of(like steamed momo,cheese momo, pan fried momo in schzwan sauce or be it pan fried  chicken momo to name few) seating at the same place. 
The best part is the making of those momos, juicier from inside, in fact, to can see fluid coming out as you cut a sample from the middle, that's where the taste differs from many other outlets in the town, you can also see few glimpses in the video shown below, part of our web series.

That's not all I 've just mentioned few among dumplings or momo variety, other Nepalese or Tibetan food items are yet to unveil, did you ever heard of Shya Fhaley, a fried food item stuffed with chicken which is a bit like our Bengali's pulley pithe but not a sweet items rather it's a non-veg. preparation.
I think you will just love to taste something different now, meatballs (a fried item) is another dish which can impress you at an economy price cut. 
At Denzong Kitchen you will also find 20 other variations in Tibetan & Chinese food unlike in any other places which I am not going say more.

Menu Source(Image): Zomato

It is to my view one of the perfect hangouts for you with your partner in some evening. So come down to this place.
Although it is located a little interior but it is the taste that matters most, which needs no marketing as the owner is confident as he said his food corner is growing every day by the word of mouth and loyal recommendations by the one's who drop in, that make all the difference.
If you have ever visited Zomato app you can find this eatery listed, holding a good rank as many have poured in positive reviews, also praising about the culture in and around talking about peoples who meet up there.
If you find this review helpful then do share in your circle, do leave your feedback down below in the comment box.
I hope you will not miss out Denzong Kitchen, next time and when you visit do leave your feedback & experience with me here this post.
REVIEW On Denzong Kitchen: The one-stop destination for Tibetan food. REVIEW On Denzong Kitchen: The one-stop destination for Tibetan food. Reviewed by Abhirup Lahiri on 22:30:00 Rating: 5

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