5 Reasons Why did India Loss Final against the Mighty Arch Rival Pakistan? #icc #ct17 #IndiavsPakisthan .

Why did India Loss Final against the Mighty Arch Rival Pakistan? #icc #ct17 #IndiavsPakisthan .

ICC - Champions Trophy - CT17
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If we go according to the ICC stats,
this final was in between the 2nd best team in the world vs lowest ranked national team competing in this year's Champions Trophy,2017

So, what's gone wrong in the Final between #IndiavsPakisthan?

Indian Team, the defending champion of this title was automatically qualified as favourites
even before the tournament had begun, and neither did they disappoint us until the final,
they played like champions at every possible match putting their best commitment on the ground,
even though they lost a match against Sri Lanka (our neighbouring nation), they stuck to their basics.

So, did our team, India got a bit more complacent against Pakistan considering them mighty and taken things for granted?

Let me put my point of view one by one, please follow the below bullet points:

1. Was Luck A Factor?

Although, I am not in favour of defending errors
calling it in the name of luck,
but in this Final match Strangely but true, I am afraid to say, neither can I ignore bad luck factors too.

Starting from missing out caught behind due the no ball
to many lose/carefree shorts that the Pakistani batsman played
which on any other day would have been a sure sought catch
and there was also incorrect leg before umpires decisions that got in favour of the other side.

2. Missing Out Run-Outs and Direct hits

Leaving aside the luck factor,
let's talk about what our players could have done more to save the match from losing.

These days a number of preparations they do,
Indian cricket team is one of the better sides in terms of fielding and has a number of players with strong and accurate throwing arms like
R. Jadeja, Y.Singh, H.Pandiya or Rohit etc.
These players have the strength to turn around any matches with unexpected runouts
helping them out by the wicketkeeper, MS Dhoni's safest pair of hands and an unmatched presence of mind.

But, in this final, I was surprised and extremely disappointed biting my nails to see
one after another close run out misses which I felt was the differentiating factor,
what do you think, share your view in the comments section?

3. Quick Decisions & the Leader Failed to Lead from Front:

Captain plays a vital role especially in taking quick decisions in limited overs cricket,
electrifying matches like this one, #Final - #ct17 between #IndvsPak.

Over a long period, we have seen two of our great captains like Saurav Ganguly and MS Dhoni.
One was with an aggressive and fighting mentality while the other was cool at nervous situations,
but both had one thing common, they were ready to take on risk when needed and more
importantly quick decisions when and where required. Both also had the ability to stand and absorb pressure at big matches like semi-finals and finals.

This is what was expected from Virat Kohli(the next generation captain following the two world class leaders),
who was leading his side for the first time at such a big event of ICC, the mini world cup as we usually say to the #ChampionsTrophy.

But, to my view, Virat has completely lost his composure and gone puzzled even before the match gone out of reach.

We have also seen the captain sitting outside the field suddenly for a break in the early first session,
it clearly shows how nervous he went in the middle.

4. Defensive Attitude Paid the Price:

Following the previous point, unlike as we all know Virat is an outwardly aggressive in cricketing strategies,
but surprising I found him leading his team to safer decisions on the field at a crucial stage in final
unlike any other matches in this entire tournament,
when he continued with his regular spinners like Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja
even though it's not their day with bowling
whereas, even the experts thought that part timer like Kedar Jadhav
who was in fine tune in this tournament, as a change bowler
who took crucial wickets and was the turning point in many high voltage big game with even bigger teams on the field.
He was finally bought for a change and got a wicket too as anticipated
but it was too late for the team and the match in the first session was taken away from Team India
and restrict them within 300 runs on scoreboard.

Is it because, it's final - the ultimate decider or adding up to it is arch rival nation Pakistan?

What do you think, tell me in the comment section?

5. The team had given up even before they lost:

Even if we can let go the first session, considering they have tried to play up to their potential with the fullest commitment to the game of cricket
but sadly things didn't go as expected,
but in the second session, we can't see them giving away the match even before they lost.

India at any day considered the best batting line-up in the world,
so a total like 339 to chase may seem mammoth to many others teams(those with moderate batting line-up)
but our Indian team had earlier show they have the base strength to chase down such total at big matches.

It could have been a close fighting finish if they had not given up early. 

What do you think, tell me your opinion in the below comment box?

Right from the early second innings, apart from Hardik Pandiya's late power strike,
(the attempt which was beginning to show some sort of hope to get closer to the total)
no one looked commendable and steady enough to defend the total.

Making it even worst, Ravindra Jadeja's messy running between wickets cost us Hardik's wicket,
the only batsman who showed some resistance and power in the run chase.

The horrible second innings batting collapse and the gigantic loss of 180 runs, even gave us a feeling that whether this was another planned fixtures or not...

At every sport, one team has be a winner or a loser,
but a disaster like this could have been avoided by a bit more responsible effort by our Indian Cricket team.

Please, let me your personal views and whether you support my opinion about the Final game.

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5 Reasons Why did India Loss Final against the Mighty Arch Rival Pakistan? #icc #ct17 #IndiavsPakisthan . 5 Reasons Why did India Loss Final against the Mighty Arch Rival Pakistan? #icc #ct17 #IndiavsPakisthan . Reviewed by Abhirup Lahiri on 00:18:00 Rating: 5

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