My Opinion Review on Xiaomi Yi Action Camera 2 with 4K resolution

Whenever I think of making a YouTube video photography or alike videos for social media, candid photos is what often comes to my mind, yeah I personally like to document such unique, unanticipated frames that happen around all the day.
For that I can't afford to have a DSLR along with, every time; isn't it? 
Else you have to compromise with resolutions and other pro features if a pocket camera or smartphone be its alternative option.
I felt lucky when I found a device called Xiaomi Yi Action 4K Camera on an e-commerce website, it comes with 4K resolution which is beyond my thought at the price I was offered.
Xiaomi Yi 2 4K Action Camera - video camera for youtubers

Let's see what are the features, I found great and/or which are those that made me upset after using for the last 3 months on various projects and candid too.

Pros: The Highlighting Good Features 

#1.  First of all, it comes with the stunning black colour look.
#2.  4K resolution in a camera and that too as little as less than the size of your index finger is something that will make you amazed.
#3.  Getting a good semi-pro non-interchangeable camera in the market at around Rs. 15000 seems a challenge, whereas, Xiaomi Yi Camera at 4K sports action is available at less than Rs. 12000 (although, I got a one time flash discount of 5% on the website(lucky me!))
#4. Very good slow motion videography(especially for Youtube videos) at this price tag
#5.  You get a flash memory card slot, I use the 64GB micro card for that device.
#6.  At low light conditions, it is pretty ok.
It can also adapt to different light situations as well and at this price cut it seemed to me great.

Cons: The Downside of the Device

#1.  It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 10400mAh power and that to me, one of its down points to me. For a 4K camera, I suppose do consume a lot of power, so I can't record for too long. Battery life could have been better.
#2.  Although it claims 4K sports mode video capability, but the video quality is even-steven - considering the price I can give it a pass. You can make home based, YouTube video pretty ok, but if you're planning to shoot for a professional video shoot then it's not the one for you.

Along with, the pros n cons I would add, it also has a USB port n adapter, it has a slot for tripod attachment too.
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera 2 with 4K resolution

If you're planning to shoot a social media video or for candid photography this device with 4K capabilities at price around as low as Rs. 12000, I bet you'll never get another alternative at the near time.

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My Opinion Review on Xiaomi Yi Action Camera 2 with 4K resolution My Opinion Review on Xiaomi Yi Action Camera 2 with 4K resolution Reviewed by Abhirup Lahiri on 18:40:00 Rating: 5

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